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Wedding Horse Drawn Carriage

Wayside Carriages

Our family business is proud of its high standards and turn out. Reliability and old traditional values are the key to our service.

It is rare today to have the opportunity to recapture the elegance and charm of yesterday. Our selection of beautiful carriages and matching horses will make your wedding day a memory for always.

Our services

Wayside Carriages are based in Paddock Wood, Kent. Our horse drawn carriage service covers the South East of England and Outer London South.

Your carriage and horses will be transported to a suitable location in our motorised horsebox and trailer. The horses and carriage will be unloaded well before they are needed to allow us time to prepare the carriage and ready the horses before they are "put to" the carriage.

In the event of adverse weather most of our carriages have folding hoods. Rugs and covers are provided during cold weather.

Our horse drawn carriages are in immaculate condition and maintained on a personal basis. Our horses are quiet and well schooled.

We take great pride in providing a professional service in accordance with the latest relevant regulations. On such an important occasion it will give you peace of mind to know we are fully insured to provide our horse drawn carriage services.

"Thank you for making Emma and Stephen’s wedding day so very special…
… the horses and carriage were most definitely the icing on the cake. "
J & P

Individual service

At Wayside Carriages we are dedicated to providing a service tailored to your individual needs. Please do to discuss your requirements. With over 20 years experience we are certain we can provide you with a horse drawn carriage and the horses to meet your needs, almost anywhere in Kent, Sussex, Outer London South and the South East of England.

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